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Smarter Media is a digital agency working with brands including Amaroc, Excalibur and Moovahome. It specialises in intelligent SEO and lead generation by understanding a client’s competitors and gaining a deep understanding of a client’s business

With more companies working from home and the digital space becoming increasingly important, SEO expert Rob Curtis shares some tips business owners can use to be more effective online.

“Digital marketing is important for any business now,” Rob said. “However with the onset of covid-19, lockdown and continuing restrictions on our ability to move around our own communities or further afield, it’s even more important to take the digital space even more seriously.”

Rob is one of the directors of SEO and lead generation company Smarter Media which has access to world-class expertise in the digital space. One of its non-executive directors is Lukasz Zelezny who is the former SEO Director of ZPG for brands including Zoopla, PrimeLocation and uSwitch.

“Our expertise means that even as a relatively small business we can punch above our weight in helping companies to achieve visibility, credibility and ultimately growth online. However, nothing comes without effort and commitment and a belief in the world of digital technology, Rob said. 

His eight tips for intelligent SEO which can be used by any business owner are: 

  • Ensure you have used and optimised your Google My Business entry to get better local SEO performance and pay attention to the reminders you are sent. Update with posts and information. 
  • Check out your website security – visitors will lose trust and click away if your site comes up with an ‘insecure’ label. 
  • Cross content usage – make your articles work harder for you by having a ‘layered approach’ and add in podcasts and/or videos with the same messages (which you can automate with 
  • Use a resource to check ‘on page’ SEO (using something like SEMRush) to make sure your website is fully optimised according to what search engines expect. 
  • Take advantage of the use of video and enhance the optimisation around it with transcripts, subtitles and tagging. 
  • Link building still matters – so getting backlinks is desirable when you can, ensure they are relevant and from authoritative sites.
  • Ensure you have a reliable hosting provider – as your website must be faster than ever and you do not want to be waiting or chasing around to get things changed or sorted out. It could end up being a very expensive, cheap option. 
  • Page speed and user experience – advances in technology mean that people expect things as soon as possible. Whether that be a delivery from Amazon or a web page on your site. By providing your visitors with a great user experience you are demonstrating what it is like to interact and engage with your business.

Smarter Media is a growing digital agency based in Swindon which works with companies large and small throughout the UK including Amaroc, Excalibur and Moovahome. Its approach is to understand what a client’s competitors are doing, reverse engineer their digital strategy, as well as gain a deep understanding of a client’s business. With this information it creates a strategy that helps a business grow effectively.

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