DeAndre Hopkins made headlines Sunday before he even took the field for giving the middle finger to, and swerving through, a highway caravan of Donald Trump supporters in Phoenix. Hopkins was identified after caravan participants noticed the Ferrari convertible took an exit towards State Farm Stadium and pictures of him flipping off the group circulated on social media

Drivers in the caravan claim that Hopkins was creating a dangerous situation for drivers, while others that were caught up within the group said the caravan itself was more dangerous than what Hopkins did.

This is all to say that the All-Pro wideout finally commented on the situation. He was a guest on CBS Sports’ “All Things Covered” podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden this week and talked about what happened.

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Hopkins started by saying that this only became news because of his fame, but then got into specifics, claiming that the cars in the caravan were aggressively honking at him trying to get him to move.

Here what Hopkins said about what happened, which starts at 54:56 mark of the interview:

“Driving on the highway, I guess I got in between a train, or a bunch of cars, that I wasn’t supposed to be in between in my car and they were honking the horn at me to tell me to get out of their way. I didn’t, and the guy in front of me stepped on his breaks and he tried to stop dead in traffic and I got around him and I stuck him a birdie. 

“I really was about to do a peace sign to them but this finger was kind of hurting so it ain’t make it up in time. It was like, damn dude you’re trying to step on breaks in dead traffic because I’m in your guys’ train and whatnot trying to go to work?”

He then made sure to note that he didn’t throw anything at the cars and wasn’t speeding down the highway at any point.

Hopkins later made headlines for his contributions during Arizona’s Sunday night overtime win over Seattle, 37-34, where he had 10 receptions for 103 yards and a touchdown.

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