A search engine optimization specialist has turned into a YouTube star by being the highest-paid Scottish businessman after locking up a six-figure sponsorship deal for his YouTube channel with marketing company named ODYS Global. Yes, we are talking about Craig Campbell SEO.

The deal was settled after Craig Campbell’s search engine optimization channel on YouTube reached a counter and got close to half a million subscribers in only 11 months of set up.

Glasgow-based Craig Campbell revealed that he posts videos on the channel multiple times in a week for casual viewers as well as for his 45,000 subscribers. The number is registered as one of the largest subscriber audiences among business channels in the UK. He has surpassed Scottish Enterprise that has 1,700 subscribers and 10 Downing Street that enjoys 38,200 subscribers.

He has seen the last two decades only in the digital marketing industry. The expertise of Craig Campbell is in link building, PPC management, and online reputation management.

The secret of his success in 2020 goes to his YouTube channel. He disclosed that he has taken his YouTube channel seriously from 2019 and the recent results have paid him well. The connections he has made among the top businessmen and sponsors is via YouTube Channel.

He always wanted to share his knowledge with the world especially when the global economy is going through a downturn. Therefore, he gave a few tips during this period on his channel. The in-depth details about the SEO services grabbed many eyeballs and within 6 months the videos have crossed over a million views.

YouTube Scots like Jamie Grant, Kate La Vie, and Liam Dryden have more subscribers and have been on YouTube for longer. However, they still lack in impressing business figures using YouTube channels as a medium for imparting business advice.

To which Craig Campbell said that people these days forget that YouTube is the world’s second biggest site for search traffic rather than any social media platform. He added that a lot of businesses would get better results if they focus on Google owned YouTube than anything else.

YouTube has given great return to the Scots who were looking for recognition in the field and become influencers for consumers. There could have been more business people making businesses if they would have restricted their efforts to the YouTube channel for the customers across the globe.

The breakthrough deal with ODYS which is an internet marketing company has made Craig Campbell a YouTube star. The company sells premium domain names with SEO solutions to get quick and high ranking on Google.

They offer older domains with thousands of prior backlinks including affiliate marketing. It also offers to sell template sites that are prospected to convert.

To get know more about Craig Campbell, listen to his podcasts on YouTube at YouTube.com. Craig Campbell advice for better performance and many other videos are available for free on his YouTube Channel.

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