A couple of the buzzwords making their way around digital marketing circles are search engine optimization (SEO) and organic traffic. However, as a business owner, you also need to know what they are and how they factor into your online endeavor’s success.

Organic traffic is a significant driver in business success. It is the traffic that arrives at your website from unpaid sources. SEO is utilized to create organic traffic, involving the use of keywords and backlinks in published content.

Why is organic traffic such a big deal?

Google recognizes your website

No one wants to wind up on page two of the SERPs (search engine results page). The optimal place to land is in the top three, as people are unlikely to search beyond those.

To get there, you need to ensure that the Google algorithms regards your website as credible. Google’s name is on the line with every search result it lists as people will look for an alternative search engine if it does not deliver what they want. Therefore, the company has an evolving algorithm that ensures it shows the best websites first.

Google favors sites containing valuable, credible, meaningful content that helps customers and others that visit it. It might be hard to believe that an algorithm can sniff this out, but it does. Utilizing organic SEO techniques, such as keywords and backlinks, your chances of ranking high in Google increase.

Improved conversion rates

Online reputation and SEO experts at DiamondLinks.net know that organic traffic drives a better chance of a site visit converting to a sale. It also attracts more visitors and, given an improved conversion rate, this leads to better sales figures. Getting people onto your website and persuading them to buy your product or service is what organic traffic achieves in the long run.

For the reasons mentioned above, your content needs to satisfy two masters: a search engine and people who visit your website. Therefore, SEO techniques walk a fine line between both. Website content stuffed with SEO keywords does not appear organic, making it unattractive to Google, and people who read it.

Paid traffic can lead to clicks from automated machines, which do not convert into sales, meaning that funds invested in it do not show favorable returns.

A permanent, reliable presence

Sporadic, paid advertising might give you a temporary boost in sales, but that bubble will burst, leaving you back at square one. It is a short-term solution for a long-term challenge. Your aim should be longevity and, unless you are prepared to keep spending money to advertise online, you cannot achieve it without creating organic traffic.

Using quality content to raise your online visibility without paying for it creates a steady stream of visitors to your site, leading to a consistent conversion rate.

Organic traffic creates a sense of reliability and authenticity of your site. With a trustworthy reputation and favorable customer reviews, you can achieve a stable presence online that inspires Google and online users’ confidence.


As mentioned before, paid advertising online can have a short-lived effect. To sustain it, you have two alternatives. Either you must continue with paid advertising or start building organic traffic using SEO techniques, including managing your online reputation. Good reviews improve the ranking of your website.

Best of all, generating organic traffic costs far less than paid advertising. You might hire an agency to help you find relevant keywords and generate content on your behalf.

Regular use of such services has the long-term ramification of increased website traffic. Paid advertising is often a shot in the dark without expert advice and is not money wisely spent.

Author: Austin Craig

Austin Craig has worked with companies around the world exploring how emerging technology impacts the way we work and live. As an adjunct professor in Computer Science at Bradley University, Austin also helps tomorrow’s leaders understand the influence technology will have on our future society.
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