Lockdown has forced many changes in how we work, whether that’s continuing our current careers from home or, as increasing numbers of Brits are doing, launching online businesses.

This trend isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to rising unemployment, though. 

More and more people are launching their own businesses online, and many are making a living from it

Internet domain registrar GoDaddy has found that new online micro-businesses have risen over 14% during the past year, with new entrepreneurs and existing business owners quickly learning that being online not only exposes them to more customers, but greater revenue opportunities too. 

So, whether you have a burgeoning desire to become your own boss or want to support your existing business as these uncertain times continue, we explain why so many are thriving online and how you can join them in their success…

How one aspiring business owner has cooked up a storm during lockdown  

Cleo Morris – founder of MyDine

Cleo Morris – founder of MyDine

Birmingham-based Cleo Morris is a successful British business owner – and she’s only 27.

Her company MyDine produces healthy Caribbean meals for corporate events, but when lockdown came in, this side of her business had to go on hold.

However, through her GoDaddy website, she’s been able to keep the meal delivery arm of her business thriving, sending food packages out to  hundreds of customers across the UK throughout lockdown. 

MyDine offers customisable recipes that can be delivered chilledto your doorstep

MyDine offers customisable recipes that can be delivered chilledto your doorstep

By operating online, Cleo has expanded the visibility of her business, so customers beyond Birmingham can learn about MyDine and try its customisable recipes. 

She says: ‘It might be my age, but I believe everything is moving towards the digital world, and I chose GoDaddy to support my business because it’s reliable, easy to use and has the marketing tools my business needs to succeed.

‘If you’re thinking of starting your own business, GoDaddy is a really good company to grow with. It’s cheap, offers round-the-clock support and has a friendly community who share lots of resources which can help you grow your business.’

Why now’s the time to go digital

In a period where nearly three quarters of British bricks-and-mortar businesses report to have lost revenue due to COVID restrictions, a third of GoDaddy’s customers are expecting their businesses to thrive over the next few months.

While consumer confidence in our high streets remains uncertain, shoppers have gone digital, which has given enterprising individuals as well as existing businesses the chance to expose themselves to a much larger, diverse marketplace, thus increasing their chances of making a profit.

It’s a move that’s benefitting rising SMEs as much as established companies, with over 60% of consumers claiming that they’re not only using the World Wide Web to support smaller businesses, but will continue to do so after lockdown too.

But this brave new world of making a living may feel daunting to some. As part of their research into how they can support micro-businesses in the current climate, GoDaddy has found that for many people, the main barriers stopping them from taking the leap and launching their own businesses were lack of time, confidence and money.

While the future of many people’s careers remains unpredictable, it’s easy to see why there is some uncertainty around investing in a new venture. But joining the online SME community doesn’t need to cost the earth – nor does it require you to be a dab hand at technical things such as website building or online marketing.

How to do business online – and succeed

You don’t have to let any lack of business know-how or technical wizardry stop you from having a go at online business – particularly when GoDaddy has plans in place that can do all the complicated stuff for you.

Its Website + Marketing ecommerce product, for example, has been specifically created to support internet novices on the road to success.

This package enables you to choose your unique domain name – or website address – and offers a selection of professional looking templates, shipping and payment options. In short, all the complexities of designing a web page and tracking your sales are pre-arranged; you just need to give it your own personal touch.

But that’s not all it can help you with. From marketing tools to increase your visibility on search engines and social media, email facilities to help you keep in touch with your customers and inventory syncing – which automatically tracks what you have sold and what products are still available – GoDaddy supports the day-to-day running of your business, so you can learn and grow without the stress.

It can really pay off, too; within 12 months, customers who signed up to GoDaddy Website + Marketing saw an average increase of 13% in revenue. Plus, with free trials available and packages starting from as little as £6.99 a month, it’s a relatively low-risk investment for what could bring you big returns.

With ready-made selling platforms, GoDaddy enables you to launch your online business quickly and smoothly

With ready-made selling platforms, GoDaddy enables you to launch your online business quickly and smoothly

For those who are a little more digitally savvy, there’s the GoDaddy Managed WordPress product. With this, you have the freedom to play with a highly customisable web page which has tens of thousands of themes and plugins to choose from – and all without having to know how to code.

What’s more, thanks to its integrated SEO tool, you can boost your ranking on search engine results and increase traffic to your site, meaning more eyes on your products – and potentially more sales as a result.

There are a number of different packages available with GoDaddy that suit lots of different abilities, regardless of your experience in using the internet or running a business. And if you ever need a helping hand, there are support teams on hand 24/7 who can offer advice or resolve any issues you have.

Visit GoDaddy today to discover how they can help bring your business idea to life, or join a free GoDaddy webinar to learn more.

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