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This heavily-discounted course bundle features three courses that cover Facebook marketing and advertising, digital marketing, and Lean management. With the Facebook marketing and advertising portion, users will get an excellent foundation in many facets of Facebook marketing, including advanced analytics and targeting content through tools like Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Insights. Users will also acquire a high level of understanding of digital marketing strategies, as well as how to utilize multiple digital channels to reach your company’s goals. By understanding Lean management, users will have a foundation in its core concepts while implementing Lean tools, techniques, and metrics for your business. Overall, this thorough course bundle is a perfect tutorial for students and professionals who wish to become digital marketers, SEO specialists, or PPC specialists.

Growth hacking is a proven method to help start-ups launch without copious amounts of money or time—and perhaps this strategy can help you build your business as well. The Essential Growth Hacker Bundle is a surefire way to grow your business, and for a minimal investment of $39, you’ll save so much more in marketing and advertising costs in the long run.

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