Swipe File is a free initiative by Profitable ads to support marketing professionals in conducting quick market research and generating creative ideas for their upcoming advertising campaigns.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada – The internet is the best place for marketing, and business to consumer marketing is crucial for all organizations to sell their products and services efficiently. In the past two decades, every consumer is utilizing the internet, and the purchasing pattern of the consumers is highly influenced by the marketing campaigns and advertisements they see on the internet. Business to Consumer marketing, commonly referred to as B2C, is an online marketing strategy. It focuses on the value of a product and also works by provoking the customer’s emotional response. There are multiple B2C marketing strategies like content marketing, SEO optimization, Email marketing, influencer marketing, etc. The most potent B2C marketing strategy with an incredible ROI is Paid Advertising.

Paid advertisement is a marketing strategy similar to SEO, but marketers pay for the ads they want to display on different social media platforms and search engines. Facebook ads, ads on Instagram, and Google ads are a part of this marketing strategy. The ads on these platforms are responsible for driving customers interested in the advertised products to their original sites.

Profitable ads are a top-notch media buying agency with talented marketers who run paid media campaigns for e-commerce businesses. Profitable ads help B2C brands by boosting their sales through their paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. The company has generated sales of $40 million for its clients in the last year through its creative and powerful ad campaigns.

Swipe File is a free platform that is created by marketers for their fellow marketers. There are tons of paid market research tools that are very complicated and often don’t yield the expected results. Marketing and advertisements are all about ideas that work. Ideas and inspiration are the most crucial in the marketing world.

Swipe File was created initially as an internal tool for our media buyers to gain inspiration and to obtain better results for our clients. The team at profitable ads observed that we were able to generate more creative and best-working ideas due to this. Our company decided to share this idea with the world by launching a new platform, and we decided to name it as an “Ad inspiration platform.”

This digital swipe can help marketers to save the time they spend on marketing research by giving them a quick and comprehensive idea into any type of marketing. These tools will help marketing professionals to generate new ideas for their upcoming online advertisement campaigns. The tool is an ocean of ideas and very simple to use. This ad inspiration platform is totally free, and every day new content and ads are added into the platform to provide its users a complete picture into the digital advertising world. The forum’s ultimate goal is to inspire every marketing team in the world and help them obtain more solid results. This platform hiked up our ROAS for our clients, and we are hoping the same for everyone else in the digital advertising business. In the future, we plan to enhance the user experience by introducing user accounts, easy one-click sharing, and allowing the users to add their own swipes. There are a lot of other things in the pipeline. Stay tuned and keep getting inspired.

For more information, please visit their website: http://swipefile.profitableads.com/

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