A new traffic signal will become operational next month on County Road 466 at the site of a new apartment complex.

The Lake Sumter Apartment Homes and Lake Sumter Senior Living are under construction at County Road 466 and Cherry Lake Road, in Sumter County, just outside the town limits of Lady Lake. The complex will include 300 units and will offer sorely needed housing for a workforce in The Villages.

The signal light at County Road 466 and County Road 100 will be activated in October.

A new traffic signal is scheduled to go into a flashing operation on Wednesday, Oct. 14 and continue until the signal becomes fully operational on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

Sumter County officials are reminding motorists that a flashing red signal light is treated as a stop condition, and a flashing yellow signal is treated as a proceed with caution. If all signals at an intersection are flashing red or the intersection is dark, it should be treated as a four-way stop.

The Lake Sumter Apartment Homes are located near The Villages.

The developer of the apartment complex is paying for the turn lanes and the traffic signal. A price structure for the units was recently released.

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