Cal Am buyout

Does the unspoken reason for Cal Am’s dogged pursuit of a desalination facility involve its greatly increased value in legal condemnation proceedings with an approved desalination facility? Just wondering!

— Stephen Millich, Monterey

Get out and vote

In these tumultuous times, with the pandemic and threats to our democracy, it’s so easy to let negative and fatalistic thoughts erode our optimism. I guess I can understand why a significant portion of our country voted for Trump the first time around, but I refuse to believe that after watching his incompetence and moral ineptitude on display every day for the past four years they would want more of the same. To quote John Lewis, “C’mon People!! We’re better than this!” Wake up! Rise up! Vote like our very souls depend on it.

— Gary Krejsa, Marina

Putting COVID numbers in perspective

To put the number of deaths due to COVID in perspective, it would be enlightening to go to the Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center website ( The “case-fatality” ratios for all or almost all the nations of the world are listed at the bottom of the website. The case-fatality ratio is the deaths ascribed to COVID per 100,000 population of each country. It would be of interest to those alarmed about this country’s total number of deaths ascribed to COVID that based on the Sept. 24 Johns Hopkins’ website the case-fatality ratio for the US (2.9%) is less than Canada’s (6.2%), Sweden (6.5%), France (6.2%), Netherlands’ (6.0%), Belgium (9.3%), UK (10.2%), Germany (3.4%). The nations with lower case-fatality ratios than that of the USA can easily be seen by checking the website.

— Joseph Petrini, Salinas 

PG doesn’t need another hotel

If one lives in the center of Pacific Grove, perhaps you won’t think much of a new hotel build in town. Think again. This monolith will steal the peaceful essence of our town. A few years ago, I presented a research report which showed even at the height of our big events (AT&T, Concours de Elegance, etc.), not every hotel room is booked. We are jeopardizing the continuance of our small PG motels, B&B’s, and beautiful Victorian hotels. Can you even imagine yourself driving on Central Avenue toward the tunnel at about David Avenue  Prepare for a new and unimagined traffic gridlock in your life. Two years of construction trucks filling and tearing up our streets and upon completion, they are removing a traffic through street (Sloat Avenue) which will make Ocean View another dreaded traffic zone. Placing a three-story hotel extending between Ocean View and Central in the midst of the Aquarium, Andronicos, Cannery Row is nothing short of a nightmare. If we get a vote on this, don’t miss your opportunity to prevent it. We can never put this mess back in the bottle if it gets approved.

— Bill Gilreath, Pacific Grove

Time for a new attitude

My political baptism occurred during college, following the Watergate hearings and reading the tape transcripts.  Despite the tumult of the early 1970s, there was a smooth transition of power and acceptance by the American people.  I believe Richard Nixon, while understandably crestfallen, realized that more was at stake than his welfare.  The world marveled at our resilience and peaceful transition.  Since then, we have had accepting transitions whether from Republican to Democrat or vice versa.

Fast forward to 2020 and we have a president who cannot unequivocally state that he will accept the will of the people and denigrates the very process and people who have protected our and his freedom. (Thankfully some thoughtful members of the Presidents party have belatedly stepped forward to challenge this.)  Is it ego, narcissism, or pandering to a “base?”   I don’t think it is necessary to decide.  In one of my favorite movies, one of the characters says, “Attitude follows leadership.”  Under this divisive leadership, friendships and relationships have been broken, and the institutions that have made a respected country have been repeatedly attacked.  It is time for a new attitude and if that takes a change in leadership then so be it.

— Brett Harrell, Salinas

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