With an aim to boost
the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits for website/business owners,
Digpu has come up with its latest offering – website backlink program.

Delhi, September 16, 2020

The Indian
company has been doing wonders in the News Distribution industry with its
direct association to 400+ international, national and regional news channels.
With its popularity sky-rocketing in the industry, Digpu News Network (DNN)
has launched its unique and innovative website backlink program.

Off-Site SEO
With Do-Follow Links

Kunwar Devender Singh, CEO, Digpu News
Network, explains the latest offering. He says, “You may have created content
on your website that is popular, answers questions of web users and is
understood by the search engines, but this is no more sufficient to rank on
search engines like Google. To outrank the rest of the sites with these
qualities, a website has to establish authority. The most authentic way is to
build website authority is the off-site SEO with do-follow links.”

The close association of Digpu with hundreds
of high-quality news portals ensures that backlinks are from authoritative news
websites, which not only helps in building your brand but also nurtures an
audience who will help amplify your content.

Search Quality Rater Guidelines

The experts at Digpu lay more emphasis on
Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines which put a great deal of importance
on the concept of E-A-T — an acronym for expert, authoritative, and
trustworthy. Sites that display these characteristics tend to be seen as high
quality in the eyes of the engines, and are subsequently rewarded.

“Creating a site that’s considered expert,
authoritative, and trustworthy is no more a hard work of years. With Digpu as
your guiding light in your website’s off-site SEO, your site simply becomes
future-proof. Do-follow backlinks from well-known, authoritative and
trustworthy news websites make life easier.” Kunwar Devender Singh reveals,
with a radiant smile.

Backlinks From News Sites

Given the effectiveness of do-follow
backlinks in the overall process of SEO, the offering of Digpu News Network will
go a long way in changing the fortunes, especially for online start-ups.

What is more interesting is the fact that
Digpu ensures that backlinks are from websites that are relevant to the
category of the site being linked to. To simplify, Kunwar puts forth an
example, “If your website sells web hosting services, Digpu ensures that most
of the backlinks are from sites which cover tech because links from topically
irrelevant sources can send confusing signals to search engines regarding what
your page is about.”

organic traffic to your website

In addition, the backlinks from Digpu will
eventually bring a lot of organic traffic to the website which is another
reason why Digpu’s website backlink program is path-breaking. The links are
acquired from relevant websites whose audience would find value in the linked
site as well.

Given the uniqueness and trust of Digpu News
Network, the latest offering from the Indian PR News leader is a breakthrough
in itself. Supercharging your SEO efforts with the do-follow backlinks should
definitely be a priority in the times when earning a single backlink takes
months without end.

For more information, visit company.digpu.com
and digpu.com

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