PiWheel announces the launch of new e-commerce data analytics and ad automation tools alongside its consultancy agency for APAC and MENAT territories, to unlock advertising data and competitive intelligence for brands selling on the world’s major online marketplaces including Amazon, FlipKart, Sephora, Lazada, and JD.

“It is an exciting time where consumer shopping behaviour, retailer intelligence and advertising efficiency became the fuel for e-commerce growth. Today’s product brands (CPG) need the tools that quickly analyse vast amounts of e-commerce insights then act fast on this data to accelerate growth” said Mazen Hallaway, PiWheel’s CEO. “PiWheel offers brands a complete view of their categories performance on online marketplaces, as well as their performance, competitors’ performance, overall categories’ and gaps in the market.”

PiWheel believes modern businesses require partnerships between people, data, and breakthrough technology to succeed – and does this by combining software and data science to augment human intelligence.PiWheel’s new Competitive Intelligence Tool gives brands access to the definitive online retail and market insights with an accuracy level of over 90%. The tool allows monitoring weekly sales trends and growth across the online retail channel, including keywords, content and traffic, for the category and SKU level. It quickly creates custom segments and views for trends across any department or marketplace category.

PiWheel’s Smart Digital Shelf tool Connects data across brand’s e-commerce business to unlock insights and discover new opportunities for profitable growth. The tool looks into Sales & Marketing Insights, Measure all performance metrics driving sales, including advertising, promotions, content, SEO and other marketing programs, in addition to Inventory & Operations Analytic by analysing how in-stock rates, buy box and profitability are impacting the brands’ business.

PiWheel’s Ad Automation tool is an easy-to-use campaign builder that applies real-time bidding, profitability, conversion, and incrementality data to develop and dynamically optimise high-performing e-commerce advertising. The Ad Automation Tool changes the way e-commerce advertising is managed through industry-leading technology which uses multiple data sets, including real-time bidding and profitability metrics, to make thousands of optimisations every day. The automation uses data pulled from PiWheel’s ‘Competitive Intelligence Tool’ & ‘Smart Digital Shelf’ for an easy view of all performance metrics of every campaign, along with key category benchmarks.

The PiWheel team, headquartered in Dubai –  UAE with teams across APAC and MENAT is comprised of ex-Amazon and e-commerce veterans. Pi Wheel launched in the UAE and India markets in December 2019 and soon expanded into Australia and Saudi Arabia on the back of rapid success with major brands.  Pi Wheel is currently empowering brands with e-commerce intelligence and strategies across India, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Turkey.


About PiWheel

Data Scientists & Amazon veterans founded PiWheel’s proprietary technology. PiWheel provides technology that unlocks data from the world’s major e-commerce platforms to give brands an unprecedented view of their performance across marketing, sales, and operational KPIs. The PiWheel brand success teams act on the data, offering a full range of services to help brands build and execute winning e-commerce strategies that target the audiences they want at the scale they need.

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