It’s common that people from all walks of life would like to use Excel to collect or edit dada or some other material, providing much convenience to us. At the same time, the excel format will be changed when submitted and sent to others. Therefore, individuals and enterprises capitalize on the PDF to make sure that the data in the excel can’t be edited or changed on the grounds that PDF is a stable file format that is not easy to be edited and stolen.

However, sometimes we also need to edit the data from the PDF owing to some mistakes or changes. So we must convert the PDF to Excel the same way as PDF to Word using PdfBear. But PDF is not like traditional Excel files which help us edit the content at will. At this moment, one free and convenient converter can be of great help in handling this problem. EasePDF is definitely such one!

EasePDF is an Online PDF Converter that can help us to convert PDF to Excel easily, with primary features like diverse functions, high security, cross-platform support and top quality. Even if you use this tool for the first time, you do not need to worry about privacy and security. EasePDF is an extremely secure and helpful tool.

How to Convert PDF to Excel with EasePDF?

Step 1. Open the PDF to Excel tool at the EasePDF homepage, firstly. Select the PDF file that you want to convert from your files by clicking the button “Add File(s)” in red color at the same time.

Step 2. EasePDF converter will convert your PDF file to Excel Spreadsheet in seconds. And there will appear such a sentence “Your file is uploading, please wait seconds.”So, what you need to do is just waiting for seconds.

Step3. Your Excel Spreadsheet will be ready to download immediately.After the download is complete, you can download it to the local, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Also, you can copy the link to share the file with others.

EasePDF PDF to Excel

So, the whole process is complete. You can edit the data from the excel at will now.

 Why Choose EasePDF?

In fact, I used a lot of converters in real life to convert the PDF to Word, Excel, PPT and others. I found they were not only too expensive but also lack of various functions like the EasePDF. To list one example specifically, I can’t convert some large PDF files that include too much information at one time.

Instead, I must cut the large PDF file into several small PDF files. Only in this way can I convert the PDF files successfully. Of course, I also encountered other problems, but I don’t want to spend too much time talking about other applications’ shortcomings there.

EasePDF Logo

The reasons why I choose the EasePDF as my often-used convertor are as follows. To begin with, the tools in it are diverse. It almost contains all the tools that you need in the study and work. More importantly, it’s free! Attention! Free! That means you don’t need to pay high prices to convert the files that you will use like other applications or tools.

Furthermore, the top quality and high security are also what I pay attention to. Because I can use the EasePDF with safety, not worrying about my data and information will be stolen and leaked. The last point I want to mention is that you can send the files to others by e-mail directly. All in all, EasePDF is a great tool that can satisfy you and me, offering much convenience to you and me eventually.

Did you find EasePDF helpful? If you have the need to convert PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, JPG and others, don’t hesitate to pick it. There are so many functions and merits that I can’t specify here. It is really an excellent tool! Just try it!



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