Thailand’s Ministry of Education is preparing to test an on-air distance learning via 17 TV channels and and online learning system. In case at-school teaching is not safe enough for the start of the new semester on 1st of July.

The deputy permanent secretary at Thailand’s education ministry, Rakana Tantawutho, as the ministry’s deputy spokesperson, revealed that schools and education institutes under the ministry’s supervision will start the 1st semester from 1st of July to 13th of November 2020.

The semester break will be 14th to 30th November. Then the 2nd semester will be from 1st of December 2020 to 9th of April 2021. And the school year break will be 37 days long from 10th of April to 16th of May 2021.

Students and teachers will have a total of 54 days of school breaks.

As for the learning system during COVID-19 outbreak, the ministry is preparing an appropriate method. Which is in accordance with the current situation. As well as adding more skill classes during the school breaks. The new curriculum will allow students to access education and stay safe at the same time, such as through online classes and distance learning via 17 TV channels. Also, to prolong the break time, the new curriculum will decrease assessments and cut unnecessary activities.

In addition, the education ministry will conduct a survey of students, parents and teachers, in order to develop the right tools and a suitable schedule.

The education ministry will test the distance learning system on 18th May to prepare for the start of the semester. Furthermore in case the situation is not safe enough for at school learning.

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