We are now halfway through the year 2020, and it is time
for all businesses to review their SEO trends. For SEO
specialists like us we are always keeping abreast of changes
in Googles algorithms, however with restrictions likely part
of our new norm, people are locked down in their homes due
to the pandemic, and their most common recourse is to go
online for work and entertainment. For whatever online
business you have, it’s better to be reminded of the SEO
that can help your business earn more. Let’s
start with the following:

High Quality and SEO
Optimised Content

Content can affect your businesses
SEO in many ways from the site structure to the internal and
external links of the site. This means that it is crucial to
come up with relevant and valuable content. This also means
that your company will gain by hiring a good team of
writers. As the site and business owner, make it a goal to
have the best
for your industry or topic – that is related to
your business. If you are feeling particularly inspired, you
may also extend that to subtopics for your

Focus more on the topics instead of being
obsessed with keywords and chasing page

This isn’t really a trend; it’s the
golden rule in SEO. Content is king,

Influencers Have to be Leveraged for

People are often drowned by intrusive ads, and
they are always looking for information that can be trusted
and authentic reviews. This results in the popularity of
influencer marketing. This means that the people online
would rather engage with a popular and highly respected
person than they would to an ad. This is the reason why
digital marketers and media companies have invested a lot in
influencer marketing because it produces great results.
There are those who are not familiar with how this works. By
hiring or partnering with an influencer, your business can
extend your content reach which will generate more traffic
towards your site. This is also instrumental in producing
valuable backlinks. Backlinks are one of the most
significant factors Google considers when evaluating for
webpage ranking.

Be careful who you choose as an
influencer. Integrity and character may not be easy to find.
Instruct us to be your SEO partner and we will be with you
every step to find that perfect fit.

Website Must Be
Optimised for Voice Search

It used to be that people
have to encode words on their search engine boxes through
their desktop computers. That was before the existence of
smartphones. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, voice
searches have also become a popular trend among internet
users. That means that searches are not only done on
smartphones but also voice assistants like Alexa, Voice Pod,
Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Echo.

When you optimize
your site for voice search, it can help you generate more
organic traffic when you implement conversational searches
into your SEO plan. Voice searches have a huge impact on
SEO. It’s the same as entering search queries although
this time it is done by voice. Terms have become more
conversational and targeted. Short and choppy keywords are
no longer important anymore since internet users use
full-length phrases or clauses when using voice

Voice search is resulting in users
searching the internet in the way they speak

at 1768degrees.com believe
that information is key but so is convenience; and that’s
what voice search is all about.

Videos Are a Great
Source of Info

Videos on the net have also risen in
popularity exponentially. Studies done by Google and other
organisations revealed that 6 out of 10 people would prefer
to watch online videos instead of television. It goes to say
that YouTube has become the new TV. This is why it’s
crucial to implement SEO for online videos. Videos will
always attract a lot of users if they are dynamic and wont
bore users or put them to sleep.

To make sure that
your videos will be able to reach more people, you have to
optimise them for search users. This can be done by using
the right keywords in the description and headline of the

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