UNITED STATES—In 2020, links and a link profile are still one of the most significant factors for bringing a site to high search ranking positions. Unfortunately, some link builders and SEO specialists still use ineffective methods that can only cause harm. Want to make sure that your link-building strategy brings great results? Then keep reading this post – we are going to share the most effective approaches to building a strong link profile.

Experts Recommend…

Follow the below rules from the LinkLifting company and the great results will not be long in coming:

  • Use a mix of anchor and non-anchor links;
  • Create an anchor sheet;
  • Use regional and thematic resources;
  • Check trust rates of sites you are going to place backlinks on;
  • Ensure a smooth link building.

Let’s dive deeper into each of the above link-building recommendations so that you could plan your actions properly.

Use of Anchor/ Non-anchor Links

Novice link builders want to post a thousand anchor links immediately. It is a big mistake that can potentially bring serious problems or even ban. In order to build an organic link profile, it is important to combine anchor and non-anchor links. There are various recommendations for the ratio of anchors to non-anchor links. Ideally, there should be 3 non-anchor links per one anchor link. In practice, it is permissible to adhere to the ratio – 60% of anchors and 40% of non-anchors. Those who do not believe in the power of non-anchor links use them incorrectly, forgetting about the link as well as surrounding text.

Anchor Sheet

In order to keep track of all entities in your link profile, it is important to have the so-called anchor list where all sites, links, anchors, and non-anchors are recorded. Do not be lazy to create an Excel or Word document and update it every time you post a backlink. This is necessary for planning an effective link promotion and result tracking. Without such a list, you can post links with the same anchor or even make the page or site filtered by search engines.

Regional and Thematic Resources

You can reach impressive results posting links on regional and thematic sites. If you cannot find worthy sites according to the relevant criteria, then use general resources, news portals with the .com, .org, .biz, .info domain zones.

Site Trust Rate and Quality

Forget about posting backlinks on non-trusted sites that are full of spam, have scanty traffic, or have problems with the page load speed. Such links will only harm your online platform. It is necessary to assess the quality of the “hosting” site visually and check its rank/trust rate using dedicated services.

Smooth Linkbuilding

You don’t need to be an SEO specialist to understand what growing dynamics are. This parameter is significant in building a link mass. Posting backlinks should be smooth – any excessive activity will cause distrust of search engines and, as a result, can lead to lower positions in the SERP or even ban.

Final Say!

No matter what online site you are going to promote and what link profile it already has, we recommend that you stick to the above tips. Thus, you can achieve great results and avoid a lot of problems associated with ban and ranking restrictions.

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