SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Unicheck, an Amazon-hosted plagiarism and cheating prevention software, has released Emma, an AI-based authorship verification assistant. Embedded into the software, Emma studies the writing style of each student and says whether newly handed-in papers are likely to have been written by the submitter.

“Pressure to succeed often pushes students to cut corners and resort to contract cheating. Academic writing services cover anything from compiling a PhD thesis to a one-page essay,” said Serhii Tkachenko, CEO at Unicheck. “We have released Emma to encourage students to develop their own voice.”

Unicheck has integrated Emma into their Originality Report, as it is more convenient for academics to have one software, rather than separate products for contract cheating identification and originality detection.

This approach automates all stages of evaluation and saves maximum time for academics. No manual work is required from educators or admins to set it up. Emma launches automatically with the originality check and will be available for all customers with different Learning Management Systems.

Natural Language Processing and stylometry enable Emma to analyze the writing of each text, categorizing it into linguistic and stylistic silos. As a sophisticated AI algorithm, Emma continuously hones her authorship verification skills.

The AI-based assistant requires three texts with a word count ranging between 300 – 1,000 to study the individual’s writing voice. The authenticity of the texts is extremely crucial since they form the data set applied to make authorship verification assumptions.

With Emma at hand, educators can spend less time grading papers, and students can become motivated to enhance their writing skills.

“Unicheck is on a mission to raise academic integrity in higher education and K-12,” adds Tkachenko. “This ultimate goal drives us to add new sophisticated yet handy features to Unicheck, like Emma, that encourage students to develop individual voice and reduce contract cheating attempts.”

Another Unicheck update is arriving shortly to identify many tricks played to deceive a plagiarism checker. For more detail on the checker’s forthcoming improvements, please visit the contact page or schedule a call with Unicheck Team.


Unicheck is a community-driven company that strives to streamline the daily routine of educators and stimulate students to show up their individual voice. They create handy solutions to prevent plagiarism in academic papers. Get connected with Unicheck Team:

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