If you thought the heatwave would quietly burn out in the dying hours of the weekend…you thought wrong.

Okay, let’s do a little guided meditation. Sit somewhere comfortable, shut your eyes and let your mind take you back … it’s a dank, dark morning in February. You roll out of bed and flinch as the cold air hits you. Pad to the window, roll up the blinds…it’s still pitch black but in the light of the lamp post on the street, you can just about make out what looks like sleet. You open the window to check, and the resulting icy wind sends you hurtling back to your duvet, dreaming of summer heat and hazy sunshine. Feel cooler yet? No, me neither.

Monday will start off with balmy temperatures of 23-25°C in the morning, before the mercury steadily climbs around 35°C in the afternoon. If you’re lucky, you might see the odd small downpour. The evening will once again fail to bring any sense of relief, staying between 29°C and 31°C.

Remember to stay hydrated in these temperatures!

Traffic checks

The police have announced the following checks for Sunday:

Two in the morning:

  • Rue de Mersch in Gosseldange
  • Rue des Glacis in Luxembourg City

One in the afternoon

  • Chaussée Blanche in Strassen 

And one in the evening/during the night

  • Haaptstrooss in Heiderscheid

Safe travels…if you must!

Get your local weather forecast from our weather page.

For more information on traffic in the Grand Duchy, visit our traffic page, which includes motorway webcams.

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