Plagiarism of content is an ethical and legal issue that can have very negative effects on your academic and professional career if you don’t take it seriously. Unfortunately, if we talk about the advancement of technology today, we are so tech-forward that we have simply erased the line between what’s wrong and what is right and in the case of plagiarism what to copy-paste and what not! So to avoid getting into legalities and a subtle end to your professional and academic career, you must understand what plagiarism is and how can you be amazing at it!

Know What Plagiarism Is?

If we are to define plagiarism, then it is a practice of recycling or lifting someone’s already published work and using it as your own original without their authorization. It is the violation of web rules and also is a breach of copyright! If you want to plagiarize content, then you must always ask for permission or should pay the author! Now there are four common types of plagiarism!

  1. Direct plagiarism

  2. Mosaic plagiarism

  3. Self-plagiarism

  4. Accidental plagiarism

Direct Plagiarism!

This type of plagiarism is when you deliberately steal someone’s whole content, and by that, we mean copy-pasting of complete sentences and paragraphs without adding credits to the original author! While committing direct plagiarism, make sure you cite the text copied properly!

Mosaic Plagiarism!

This type of plagiarism is more commonly known as the patch writing or a failed attempt at paraphrasing the original content. this can easily be detected by the best plagiarism checker. This form of plagiarism is detected when only the words are changed with synonyms, and the rest of the structure remains the same!


Self-plagiarism is a form of plagiarism where you reuse your own work. If you think that you can plagiarize your own work without any permission or problem, then you were thinking all wrong. You cannot just reuse your submitted work and use it again in your new content!

Accidental Plagiarism!

The last type of plagiarism is the accidental plagiarism, and as the name tells us this is the form of plagiarism that can happen by accident. This can happen if you have cited a text all wrong or even if you have written a content that matches an already published content without knowing!

Why Should You Not Plagiarize!

Here are some points that you need to know so that you don’t use copied content in your work!

  1. It is not ethical to copy someone’s work without permission. Plagiarizing once and getting caught by the plagiarism scanner can put a permanent end to your career as a good reputation and unique content is what increases the demand of a writer!

  2. This is a breach of legal rights of the original owner, and you can get sued by the author for copying his work without permission.

  3. As a content writer and a content creator, you must know about how Google search engine ranking is affected by the publishing of copied content. you can easily get blacklisted from Google’s listing! Now, this is not because Google really cares about your integrity rather it discards your website and blacklists you because the similarity in contents can make it difficult for the search engine to rank it on the basis of relevancy!

Effective Ways of Avoiding Plagiarism!

  1. Paraphrasing in the right way!

  2. Cite your sources properly!

  3. Recycle your own ideas instead of copying others!

  4. Quote the referencing content directly!

  5. Use plagiarism checkers to make sure your content is unique the best example of an online tool is

How Do You Not Plagiarize Facts?

Now you must understand that copying facts and history is not the case which falls into the domains of the plagiarism checker. You can easily write about historical facts, and you don’t need to add any reference to it. Historical facts are not the property of any author, and you can talk about them in your own way without worrying about SEO plagiarism checker. You can also write about your research findings on an already established experiment without worrying about plagiarism.

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